Saturday, August 25, 2007

Looking for Paintings - Part 24

Back in Oregon, 4th of July Week, 2007

This is what's happening to an awful lot of perfectly good farm land in Oregon and I hate it.

This is the Oregon I love - Big, open spaces, wonderful farms, no tract housing.

Chuck's Gas Station.

These plants are about 15' high and I was told they were hops.

Nice poppy field by the roadside near Molalla.

More poppies.

Blazing red poppy field.

More red poppies!

Foster Lake in the town of Foster.

High-speed drive-by of a poppy field.

In the parking lot of The Home Depot in Albany, OR, this 12' x 12' storage shed that looks like a barn was about 10' high with double doors, shelving and windows. I think this would make a great studio. Costs about $6,000 delivered and installed.

NEXT: More of the Willamette Valley.