Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looking for Paintings - Part 10

Back in Portland

So it's the week of October 9 and I'm back in Portland at Jack Heiter's house waiting for a meeting with the folks at Laika. The weather is perfect and I'm out exploring the area. This is a pumpkin patch in Gresham, a town a couple of miles east of downtown Portland. I like the fact that if you drive about ten minutes out of downtown Portland, you're either in a pumpkin patch, a pasture, a farm or the woods. Click on the picture to make it screen sized.

This is Willamette River Park near Lake Oswego.

This is Willamette Falls. I remember the town of Willamette Falls on maps. I don't know why they'd want to change the name of the town to Oregon City, but they did. Not sure what the factory is all about, but it's old, has a lot of character and makes a good picture.

A close up of the factory.

A little south of West Linn is the small town of Canby, which has its very own six-car ferry boat that crosses the Willamette River. It's pretty much a short cut for local residents and it costs $1. The crossing takes about 5 minutes, maybe.

Willamette Park near the town of Lake Oswego.

A few days later I found myself back in Gresham where I found this wonderful farmer's market where they had huge wooden tubs and boxes filled with all sorts of apples and squash.

Another pumpkin patch at another location in Gresham.

Somewhere in the hills to the west of downtown Portland where they're building big, scenery-obliterating houses near this ominous sign which states: DEAD END STREET TO BE CONTINUED WITH FUTURE DEVELOPMENT. I love the sentiment.

I nice foggy hillside at the same location, minus the Dead End sign. I hope the hillside wins.

Next: From my balcony and around the neighborhood.


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