Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Looking for paintings - Part 2

The second day of my journey I headed west out of Mariposa to Merced, took 99 north through Modesto, Stockton, Lodi and Galt. I meandered around the back roads of Galt for about an hour looking for the Elephant Sanctuary (http://www.pawsweb.org/) but its location is kept secret and is revealed only to those who have volunteered to work there. No signs or markers are evident to people like me who drive around aimlessly, hoping my elephant radar would lead me to the Sanctuary. Had I found it, I probably would have spent a few days there. Maybe next trip.

So I continued north to Sacramento and picked up the 5. I never spent any time in Sacramento, but it's a much nicer city than I imagined. Lots of parks and two rivers (the American and the Sacramento) converging near downtown.

Part of the American River as it flows into Sacramento

A great old bridge north of Sacramento

From Weed I drove east to explore the Mt. Shasta area.

Friends know of my penchant for heading down some dirt road to see what's around the bend, and this was certainly true here. Of the 800+ photos I took on the trip, this is just about my favorite.

Plenty of lava fields everywhere, with plenty of autumn-colored trees and bushes growing out of them.

My kinda road!

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