Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Looking for Paintings - Part 9

Route 90 to Seattle

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This lake is about five miles off the I-90 at the end of a dirt road. I'm just sitting there enjoying the view and the peace and quiet when my cell phone rings. By the way, I got this cell phone about two days before I left on this trip just in case I wound up in a ditch, had to call ahead to alert someone I was arriving, or in case my brother wanted to use Skype to call me from Israel. The reception was lousy because I was tucked way down inside a valley surrounded by mountains half-way around the planet. So I asked him to call me back in about 15 minutes when I got back to the top of the road and in the clear.

So I'm sitting there admiring the foliage, waiting for him to call me back, when mother nature calls instead. When I'm at home, my brother knows exactly when to call and, sure enough, he knew this time, too.

Just look at the colors in this shot. Aren't they terrific? The purplish clouds, the red foliage, the greens, the shadow tones, the steel-blue mountains, the white bark... Wow!

Nice, stormy valley in about the same location.

Another shot, same area.

About ten miles out of Seattle on the I-90 west.

Somewhere along some road in Washington, maybe south of Seattle on my way to Portland again.

Next: My first taste of Portland, exploring the Portland suburbs.


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