Saturday, December 02, 2006

Looking for Paintings - Part 11

I had my meeting with the Laika folks and am set to start work on Monday, October 16. This set of photos was taken on October 15, 2006. This condo is owned by my friend Jack Heiter and it became available for rent today. It has one bedroom, bath, living room and kitchen, with stove, fridge, dishwasher and a balcony. The cleaners will clean the place today and it should be ready to move into on Tuesday the 17th when the rental furniture arrives. I stopped by to check out the view so I can share it with you. The condo faces east. Just imagine that the following seven pictures are linked together to form one huge pan shot. You can see where the overlaps occur for the David Hockney panorama I'll piece together in the future.

The pan starts facing South.The pan ends facing North.

The crane in the second picture is for the construction of a 40 floor hotel or condo complex, I'm not sure which. It should pretty much block the view of the condo owners about two buildings over, and I'm sure they appreciate it.
The second crane in the last two pictures is being used to finish off construction of another condo complex to the north, and it won't be anywhere near as tall and scene-ruining. The weather for just about my entire trip so far has been like this. Tomorrow, when I start work, it'll rain. And in a matter of days, autumn will arrive and the seasons will change conspicuously.
Next morning the first hints of autumn moved in, but the view is still great. In the weeks ahead I'll be taking lots of pictures from my balcony, capturing the changing weather patterns and season's colors as they roll by.
Sunrise around October 18. That's Mt. Hood in the distance, about 50 miles away.
Probably the same day. That's Mt. St. Helens in the center of the picture in Washington. Small and very faintly in the distance, visible to the left of Mt. St. Helens is Mt. Rainier, about 85 miles away (not that easily visible lump to the left but the faint one that's kind of hard to see). I have better pictures coming, when the weather was better, but this was impressive.

Next: Local color and more balcony stuff.


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