Thursday, December 07, 2006

Looking for Paintings - Part 13


This is a re-posting of Part 13. For some reason only the text part of this post went through and I don't know how to edit just that text, so I'm going to re-post all of Part 13. Here it is, again, with 13 pictures...

For those of you who want to know, all the photos you've seen posted on this Blog were taken with a Canon PowerShot S400 Digital Elph, 4.0 Mega Pixels. This is a sturdy workhorse of a digital camera and I've been very pleased with the results I've gotten with it. I carry it in my coat pocket, shirt pocket or pants pocket, depending on the weather or how covert I want to be. The only complaint I have with it is a very minor one: Sometimes I just can't get a second shot off fast enough because of the camera's response time. It's not like one of those motorized 35mm film cameras where you get a shot, get a shot, get a shot, as fast as you can push the button. The fastest I can get a second shot is about four seconds after the first. No big deal, except for those moments when you want to get consecutive action or grab two or three shots of something in passing. I can live with it. None of the photos have been Photoshopped or altered in any way except for those few where I cropped the image to emphasize a composition or to frame a scene. What you see is exactly what I saw the instant I saw it. I always prefer available light and seldom resort to using flash except when a) It won't matter, such as wide open spaces where the flash will have no impact or b) Where the only source of illumination is the flash. Usually the flash shots are obvious, like guys drinking beer in a dark old bar. Okay, let's move along...

My rental condo is the fourth one from the left, second floor, partially obscured by that evergreen tree in the foreground. The construction stuff you see in the picture is for a new 20-story condo complex that probably won't be finished for another year. It ought to obscure most of the view directly eastward for the folks that live in the first three condos. Meanwhile, my view directly eastward looks like the next three shots.

That's early morning fog blowing off. Below is a night shot.

My kind of road, in the hills about three miles behind my condo.

Just across the Columbia River in Washington, about ten miles from Portland on I-5 is the Vancouver Lake Wildlife Preserve. The day I drove there, Canadian Geese were gathering, ready to begin their migration south. They'd been gathering at Vancouver Lake and were in for the night. This felt like one of those African Safari movies showing the wildlife gathering at the watering hole. There must have been thousands of geese here, all honking they're beaks off. Click to enlarge the picture and start counting.

Southwest of Portland, near Beaverton and Tualatin, I found some protected marshland where more birds were gathering. I got as close as I could, but not close enough to photograph the birds. So I settled for some fall foliage, late October.

And the obligatory weathered farm structure...

And a nice, early morning foggy fall foliage shot to wrap it up for today.

Next: Some great old buildings, more landscapes and the odd...


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