Sunday, December 10, 2006

Looking for Paintings - Part 16

Sushi, barns, meadows, lakes and Erik Larson

My friend Jim will appreciate this.
Somewhere in Beaverton.
Where's my cat?

Beer with the guys from work at one of Portland's many, many fine pubs and breweries. Portland is one of the best beer towns on the planet, with local breweries producing some of the best beers in the country. If you must, you can get an ordinary commercial beer, but that would be foolish. I've had beers here that are 7.5, even 9.5 alcohol. I don't know what the line is between beer and white lightning, but this stuff is right there. At this place I got the sampler tray of about ten beers in double shot glasses, from dark and bitter to light and sweet, and I only made it through about 5 double shots and I was double shot.

Somewhere southwest of Beaverton I found this magnificent barn, probably one of the best I've seen so far. A real beauty. A three-story structure with waterfront access in the back.

Schoolhouse or church for sale, fixer upper, southwest of Beaverton.

I don't know what this is or was - part barn, part church, part root cellar, meeting hall, schoolhouse. It's fantastic!

This is Erik Larson, author of Isaac's Storm and The Devil in the White City signing copies of his new book Thunderstruck at Powells Bookstore in Beaverton. He gave a good hour-long talk to a crowd of about 100 fans, discussing his work methods, routines, research methods, adventures and professional background. It was a fascinating talk peppered with terrific anecdotes and amusing events in his career. We chatted briefly but I got to tell him how much I enjoy his work. He must have signed 300+ books because people had multiple copies of Thunderstruck and copies of his other books, each of which he cordially signed. He lives in Seattle, about a 3-hour drive from Portland.

Next: My Saturday November 25th day trip to Washington to explore the north side of the Columbia River and the Columbia Gorge.


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