Saturday, July 18, 2009

Disney Comics Core Group 1989

October 27, 1989.

Someone had the idea to snap this photo soon after the team had been selected to put together the Disney Comics line after the company decided to publish the comics itself. We all squeezed into an office and someone grabbed the shot for posterity.

In front, squatting: My old pal- Michael Lynton, Executive Editor.

Standing behind him, left to right: My old pal Len Wein, Editor-in-Chief/Comics; Sally Prendergast, Marketing Manager; Randy Achee, Publisher; Bob Foster, Managing Editor, Editor, Disney Comics; My old pal David Seidman, Editor, Disney Comics. Len is holding two Gladstone comics, Sally is holding a Gladstone Album in her right hand and in her left hand is one of a handful of mock-ups (ashcans) of Disney Digest, which is what the publication originally was to be called. Soon after, Michael thought Disney Adventures would be a stronger title, and that's what it became. Disney Adventures ran for 17 years and has now ceased publication. Randy is holding a Gladstone comic and what appears to be a European digest, perhaps from Italy. I'm holding a Gladstone Donald Duck Adventures and David is holding a copy of Italy's Topolino.

Michael became President of Disney Publishing soon after this and in 1994 headed up Disney's Hollywood Pictures. From there he went on to become Chairman of Penguin Books in New York, then left to become President of America Online International and now is CEO of Sony Pictures.

Where was that WITH MY OLD PAL SIGN when I really needed it?


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