Sunday, July 12, 2009

Humboldt Trail

After a few years of pastel paintings I finally switched over to oils. I took a few seminars, went to a lot of gallery shows, absorbed a lot of fine art, joined the California Art Club, and began to sell paintings. The learning curve was very steep and I had a lot of fun painting on canvas with brushes and gooby swaths of wet paint. I felt like an artist again. And I got work in animation again.

This was a location somewhere in Northern California, near the Redwoods. I have a habit of exploring roads that aren't on maps, then looking at a map later to see where I'd been. This was done in October 2001 and measures 30" x 15". I'm happy to say it's in a private collection.

Painting on locations like this is very invigorating and energizing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to paint.


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