Friday, July 17, 2009

Resurrection of Doom - Part 2

Ron Dias did a beautiful background painting for this cover, then added the characters on an acetate cell which he inked and painted and positioned on top of the background. This is a wrap-around cover with the background scenery wrapping around to the back of the magazine. Elegant!

I sure admire how Dan Spiegle can interpret my sloppy roughs and come up with something so good.

We all know real character model sheets don't look like that, but most readers wouldn't notice. Looks like Disney pegs on that model sheet in panel 1.

Todd Kurosawa and Bill Langley jump back in with great, whacky toon stuff and an incredible ink-and-paint lady. Scholars and historians will catch the reference to Aurel Thompson's Ink and Paint Service in panel 7.

Next: Homage to Citizen Kane and Frankenstein.

Oh, and remember - This material is presented here for historical and educational purposes only. All material is Copyright Walt Disney and Amblin Entertainment, Inc, All rights reserved. Originally published by Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc., in 1989.


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