Friday, July 17, 2009

Resurrection of Doom - Part 3

I couldn't squeeze a "Rosebud" reference into this but the inspiration for Von Rotten Manor was the opening sequence from Citizen Kane.

The idea of an old Multiplane camera substituting for the operating table that rises into the dark and stormy night in Frankenstein was just too good to throw away. I had to use it here. I'd never have a chance like this again. The Racketa, Racketa, Racketa is a very subtle homage to the sound effects lettering in Harvey Kurtzman's Two Fisted Tales story entitled Hill 203, illustrated by Jack Davis.

Okay, now we're getting into some Don Martin sound effects. But can't you just hear the low, electric hum of the WOOJIE, WOOJIE, WOOJIE? I know I can.

And so, Doom is back and mayhem ensues. That's enough of that for now. Gotta move on to other stuff.

And finally - This material is presented here for historical and educational purposes. All material is Copyright Walt Disney and Amblin Entertainment, Inc, All rights reserved. Originally published by Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc., in 1989.


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