Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Orison MacPherson - Jones & Laughlin Steel Ad

This looks like something you'd find on an old wooden jigsaw puzzle from the 40s, but, boy - is it gorgeous. The lighting, the composition, the costumes, another stagecoach with horses in harness, and a great bit of illustration craftsmanship.

I love how my eyes wander all over the picture and keep coming back to the woman being escorted into the inn. Brilliant composition and color. What a beauty!

This is a two-page spread, but the right side of the art is as far as the illustration extended. Beyond what you see here is text for the ad promoting Jones and Laughlin Steel. Painted for Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation by Orison MacPherson (1898 - 1966). Even Ask/Art doesn't have any biographical information beyond that. I know he did some work for The Saturday Evening Post, but that's it. How can anyone this good be so obscure?


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