Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rick Durell's Fanclave #3 1965

I keep everything. Recently I found these photos in storage. Collector Rick Durell lived in El Segundo, CA and periodically he'd invite a bunch of friends and fans down to his home for an evening of comics talk and drooling over his amazing collection. Rick was a very generous man and fearlessly shared his collection of mint, primo comics by putting them out on tables in stacks for friends to look at and thumb through. He had beautiful storage cabinets lining his walls, filled with complete runs of ECs, DCs, Marvels, Fawcetts, Dells, and anything else you wish you owned. In the photos you'll see two Prince Valiant originals on his walls. He had more stuff in other rooms in his house. These were the first Hal Foster originals I'd ever seen. The date on the backs of the photos is 12/20/65. Mark Evanier has a nice piece about Rick on his blog at: http://www.newsfromme.com/archives/2008_12_02.html

Left to right: Bill Spicer, Mike Royer, Rick Durell, Richard Kyle, Chuck McCleary, Glen Johnson, John McGeehan, Eugene Henderson.

Standing: Rick Durell, Glen Johnson, Richard Kyle, Mike Royer, Eugene Henderson. Kneeling: Bob Foster, John McGeehan, Chuck McCleary, Bill Spicer almost completely out of the picture.

Bob Foster, John McGeehan, Chuck McCleary, Eugene Henderson.

Rick Durell, Mike Royer. I can pretty much guarantee none of us look like this anymore.

Click on the photos to make them bigger and see if you can make out some of the titles.


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