Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hanna-Barbera Reunion

On Saturday evening, August 22 the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills hosted a celebration of 70 Years of Cartoons with the Hanna-Barbera Studios. In attendance were many of the original crew who were there at the beginning. I worked at H-B throughout the 70s and got to know many of the "old guys" and a lot of the new who were just starting out. Many of my photos were too fuzzy to include here because I don't like to use flash if I can avoid it. So I culled this batch from the 60 shots I took and wound up with a pretty good cross-section of those who attended.

TOP ROW: The crowd enjoys the exhibit of vintage art, photos and home movies in the lobby. Joanna Romersa shares a laugh with Don Jurwich. Mark Evanier points out the obvious to Scott Shaw.

MIDDLE ROW: Paley Center host Richard and hostess Etty share the spotlight as they greet attendees. Mitch Rochon enjoys a glass of French Grand Cru from 7-11. Two icons of TV, radio and Hanna-Barbera voice talent - Gary Owens and Casey Kasem.

BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Etter and friends check out the shrubbery. Bob Tyler makes a point with Kirk Hanson. Marianne Tucker and Sue (Crossley) Walker pose for a mug shot.

TOP ROW: Robert Alvarez arrives. Bob Singer chats with Don Jurwich. A very color-coordinated Annie Guenther.

MIDDLE ROW: John Tucker, Mark Kirkland, Tim Walker, Bob Foster. John Tucker, Merle Welton, Bonita Versh and Willie Ito reenact the good old days. Joanna Romersa and Don Jurwich fill out the row very nicely.

BOTTOM ROW: The H-B panel prior to the reunion, consisting of Ken Spears, Willie Ito, Butch Hartman, Jerry Eisenberg and moderator Gary Owens take questions from the audience.

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