Friday, August 21, 2009

Corner Cigar Store

I don't know where this is or exactly when, but ain't it great image? It's from a 3" x 3" negative, which isn't a common size, so I wonder if it's foreign. Click on the picture to enlarge. It looks like Brooklyn to me, but who knows? Do you?


At September 8, 2009 at 3:43 PM, Blogger Bob Foster said...

I received a comment from a viewer that, in part, said, "I don't think it is in the US. It seems to me in Cuba. I have visited a lot of times to Cuba, the roads and the electricity wires are just like this. But again I am not sure."

Well, thanks to that comment, I started to do some serious investigation.

After enlarging my photo many times, I pieced together various morsels of information I could see in the image, conducted several dead-end searches and finally got a hit.

Leave it to one of my all-time favorite publishers to provide an answer to this question. When I typed in Lewis& Gurry Restaurant, The Woodbine, the Google search gave me a "Look Inside" of an Arcadia Publishing book about Pawtucket, Rhode Island. There, on page 24 was a photo the same as mine but at a different angle, and obviously at a different time. Some of the signage is different, the awning on the corner store is different. I couldn't capture the Arcadia Publishing image for comparison, but you can see it if you go to their website.

Check out Arcadia Publishing at:

When you get to their site, scroll down to Page 24 to see the photo.

This is such a great book publisher, especially if you're interested in historical photos from all over North America.

It's fun to play detective and come up with solutions to questions. Thanks to Derik for providing the inspiration to do the research.


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